1. Early Memories from Dallas
  2. My Friend Dan
  3. The Death of my Grandfather
  4. Conflicts in the Neighborhood
  5. Memories from Albuquerque
  6. Chandos and the Bird
  7. Starting a Fire in a Hotel Room on Church Choir Tour
  8. Chased in Albuquerque
  9. Jumped
  10. Sneaking out with Jeremy
  11. A Night out on the Town
  12. Getting suspended from Junior High
  13. My Friend Chris
  14. Running away from Home
  15. Getting Caught…
  16. Stealing TP from Franscesco’s
  17. How I got into the Movie SLC PUNK
  18. How I met my friend Spence 
  19. The Saga of Joe V. 
  20. Revenge
  21. BB Gun in the Pit
  22. Sunglasses in the Road
  23. Hicks at the Grocery Store
  24. When I became an Alcoholic
  25. Road Rage
  26. Busting my Shin
  27. My Tattoos
  28. My Upstairs Neighbors
  29. My First Enlightenment
  30. Choking a Meathead at a Party
  31. Deadly Crash on 53rd and State
  32. Stabbing my Heel on a Spear
  33. Jumper at the Hospital
  34. My Friend Ben
  35. Application Letter to St. John’s

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